Hello World!

Welcome to my blog! I’d like to preface this blog by saying that I’m someone who, historically, has not been interested in recreational writing. I’ve found, however, that after holding down a career in which I spend most of my time programming that I’ve been wanting a medium for practicing my writing lest I get rusty. I’ve also been wanting a publicly available repository for sharing useful content that either I’ve come up with or come across.

To those ends, I’m hoping that this blog will serve as an outlet for me to organize and express my thoughts, practice writing, and also publish useful information which will likely include tech or math-related how-tos and self-improvement guides.

The title is an almost-anagram of my name and is supposed to convey that my “whims” (in the sense of the word “fancies”) have been “cloned” onto the internet. It’s kind of a stretch, but it was the most reasonable domain name I could produce from taking anagrams of my name.

This should be fun!